Polished Edge Mirror vs. Beveled Edge Mirror: What’s the Difference?

Do you have a space in your home that could use the perfect finishing touch? Nothing adds class and charm like displaying a beautiful mirror, whether it’s an ornate, antique-inspired entryway or a cozy living room.

There are many framed mirrors on the market to choose from, but what’s the difference between a polished edge mirror and a beveled edge mirror?

What Is a Polished Edge Mirror?

A polished edge mirror has a smooth, clean look about it. The frame is usually made of metal or plastic. The edges are finished with a glossy reflective surface that gives it a modern, sophisticated feel.

One major benefit of choosing this type of mirror is that they’re typically much lighter than beveled mirrors and can be hung on walls without fear of being too heavy.

Additionally, they are cheaper than beveled mirrors and are available in various shapes, sizes, and styles.


Polished edges give any room a sleek, modern look and help reflect light, making the space appear brighter and more inviting. 

They can also draw attention to features such as artwork and furniture. 

Another advantage of using polished edge mirrors is that their edges are less likely to break or chip than other mirrors.


One potential disadvantage of using polished edge mirrors in the home is that they are more expensive than other mirrors. 

Additionally, the edges can scratch easily and be difficult to clean since liquids and particles may get stuck in the corners of the mirror. 

Lastly, because these mirrors are so reflective, they can show fingerprints, smudges, and dust more easily than other mirror surfaces.

What Is a Beveled Edge Mirror?

Beveled edge mirrors have the same glossy reflective finish on their frames as polished edge mirrors but with an additional accent.

The frame is angled slightly, giving it a unique look that can add depth and dimension to the space.

Beveled mirrors are usually heavier than polished edge mirrors, so check that your walls can hold the weight of one before you hang them up!


One of the benefits of using beveled edge mirrors in your home is that they can add a classic and elegant look to a space. 

The beveled edges create a decorative effect and can draw attention to certain areas of the room or furniture. 

Beveled edge mirrors are also easier to clean since they don’t have sharp corners where liquids and particles can get stuck. 

Beveled edge mirrors also tend to be less expensive than polished edge mirrors.


One potential disadvantage of using beveled-edge mirrors in the home is that they are more prone to cracking and chipping since the edges are thinner than other mirror surfaces. 

Additionally, these edges collect dust more easily than other mirrors, and removing fingerprints and smudges from them can be challenging. 

Lastly, a beveled edge may not provide as much reflection as a polished edge mirror because there will be more surface area around the edges that is not reflective.

Which Mirror Should You Go With?

Whether you choose to go with a polished edge mirror or a beveled edge mirror is ultimately up to you and your personal preferences.

Each type of mirror has its advantages and drawbacks, so weighing all the options before deciding is important.

A beveled edge mirror is an excellent option if you want a decorative touch.

The polished edge mirror may be your best bet if you’re looking for a more modern and sleek look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are beveled mirrors better quality? 

Beveled mirrors are not necessarily better quality than other mirrors, but they can be a great option for adding an ornamental element to your space. 

Beveled mirrors have thinner edges, providing a unique look that isn’t possible with other types of mirrors. They also tend to be less expensive than polished edge mirrors. 

However, since the edges are thinner and more prone to cracking and chipping, they may need special care to maintain their quality.

Is the beveled mirror out of style?

Nope! The beveled mirror is not out of style – it is still a popular choice for adding decorative touches to homes. 

Beveled mirrors can help create a unique look and feel to any space. In addition, their thinner edges provide an ornamental element that other mirrors don’t offer. 

They are also available in many shapes and sizes, making them easy to customize for any room.

Are beveled-edge mirrors more expensive?

Beveled-edge mirrors are usually less expensive than polished-edge mirrors, but this depends on the size and type of mirror you purchase. Be sure to compare prices before making a decision!

Final Thoughts

Polished edge mirrors and beveled edge mirrors are both great options for adding a touch of elegance and beauty to any home. While both have advantages and drawbacks, they can help create a unique look that cannot be achieved with other mirror surfaces.

Polished-edge mirrors are usually more expensive than beveled-edge mirrors but are also more reflective and easier to clean. Beveled-edge mirrors have a thinner frame that can provide an ornamental look but can be prone to cracks and chips.

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