What Is the Best Color for Living Rooms With Brown Furniture?

Is your living room looking a bit… brown? That brown leather sofa, those hardwood floors, that wooden dining table. We think you get the point! Brown furniture can be warm and inviting but also dark and dreary if paired with the wrong colors. So what is the best color for a living room with brown furniture? Fortunately, there are many different paint colors and shades to choose from that will work well with brown!

Read on as we go over three things you need to consider before deciding on a paint color, as well as five color recommendations you can consider.

3 Things to Consider Before Deciding On a Paint Color

Before we jump into this blog post, we want to outline a few things you need to consider when choosing a color.

The Overall Tone of the Space

Depending on the shade of your brown furniture, we recommend pairing warm browns with other warm shades of color and cool browns with different cool shades of color. 

For example, if you have a more traditional, warm, and inviting home, you’ll want to choose warmer colors that reflect that.

On the other hand, if your home has a more casual and modern atmosphere, you’ll want to stick with cooler colors. This will help to create a laid-back and clean look in your living room.

The Size of Your Living Room

Another important factor to consider is the size of your living room. If you want your living room to appear larger, then you’ll want to choose light colors like white or cream can help to open up a space and make it appear bigger than it is.

On the other hand, if you want your living room to appear smaller, you’ll want to choose a color that will trick the eyes. For example, dark colors like black or navy can help to create a cozier and intimate atmosphere in your living room.

As for the actual size of your living room, it’s up to you whether you want it to appear larger or smaller. For example, you may have a small living room and would prefer to keep it that way. In that instance, you should consider sticking with darker colors to create that cozy feel and vice versa.

The Style of Your Furniture

Finally, you’ll also want to consider your furniture’s style. You’ll want to stick with traditional colors like white or cream if you have traditional furnishings. However, if you have modern furniture, you can experiment with other colors like navy blue.

Now that we’ve gone over the three things you need to consider before choosing a paint color let’s go over our top picks for the best colors for brown furniture.

The Best Paint Color for Living Rooms With Brown Furniture


Many people opt for beige when choosing a paint color to complement brown furniture. This is because beige walls provide a neutral backdrop that allows brown furniture to stand out. At the same time, the warm tones of brown furniture help to soften the starkness of an all-white room. As a result, a beige-and-brown color scheme can create a tranquil and inviting space. This is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas where you want to relax and unwind.


If you want to create a bold contrast in your living room, then the color blue is the way to go! Blue is often a calming, cool color, making it a good choice if you have brown furniture. If your brown furniture is darker, you might want to consider a light blue, which will help brighten the space. On the other hand, if you have brown furniture on the lighter side, you can go with a darker blue.


Gray is another excellent color option for complementing brown furniture and anything else! It’s a neutral, calm, and relaxing choice that won’t dominate the room but also has enough depth to add interest and contrast. Plus, gray walls can help to make brown furniture look richer and more dimensional. This is mainly a good choice to go with if you have a clean, contemporary, or industrial theme going for you.


Green can be a stunning choice if you’re not afraid to add some color! The cool tones of green can help to offset the warm tones of brown, creating a calming and inviting space. If you’re looking for a specific shade of green to pair with brown furniture, try a light sage or olive green color. When paired with brown furniture, these hues will help evoke feelings of relaxation and tranquility.


Our best overall choice will be white, a neutral color that provides the perfect backdrop for any statement piece. It’s great for anyone looking for that fresh, timeless feel. The key here is to choose the right shade of white. As we’ve mentioned previously, if you have light brown furniture, you might want to choose a light shade of white for your walls. On the other hand, if you have dark brown furniture, you might want to choose a dark shade of white. This will help balance the brown furniture and brighten your living room. Painting the room white also creates a clean, modern contrast to the brown furniture.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right paint color for your living room can be tricky, especially if you have brown furniture. However, you can keep a few things in mind to help you choose the perfect color. First, consider the overall tone of your home and the style of your furniture. Second, consider the size of your living room and how the color will impact the space. And finally, choose a color that will complement the wood tones of your brown furniture. With these things in mind, you should be able to find the perfect paint color for your living room.

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